General -

Q: What happens if a player runs out of Stargate markers? Can he/she use another color?

A: Yes, having the need for additional pieces beyond what is provided might happen in a 2 or 3 player game and then you would have the different colors to use.
Q: I just need clarification on combat unit stacking limits. If I have a stargate AND a ship in the same space, can I have 2 on the ship AND 2 on the gate, for a total of four units? I, of course, assume that if that ship with troops is destroyed, that troops go away?

A: That is correct on both questions

Q: What are the "icon" symbols on the star systems and Sectors?

A: The symbols are stargate glyphs that are used with numbers for identification of the star systems and assist the player in knowing all the star systems in a Sector and add the flavor of the TV series - Stargate SG-1. See the attached stargate glyph table to translate to English.

Building & Placement -

Q: How come you can "Place your starships on any space in the Sector" on Page 2 of the Rules but you "may not build onto a space with no star system" on Page 4?

A: "Place your starships on any space in the Sector" is correct during the initial placement of the starships (Page 2). It is only when you "build and place" your starships later in the game that you "may not build onto a space with no star system." (Page 4)

Q: During the building phase, 5 combat units can be exchanged for 1 starship. Can these combat units come from existing units or a combination of new and existing combat units, or is the swap made solely from new units as yet unplaced?

A: Only from new units as yet unplaced.

Q: The rules state that you get a card for each NEW base you place during that turn. By new does it mean A) a base that is totally new to that system and not having had ANY base belonging to any player there previously, or B) new to the player's control and could have come from either an entirely new system or a system that was taken over from another player?

A: The answer is (B).

Movement -

Q: Does a ship need at least one combat unit on board for it to move, or can it move without units?

A: A ship can move without any combat units on board.

Q: If a ship can move without units and it lands in an unoccupied star system, can it then place a stargate on that star system?

A: Yes, it can and it can land on a star system with a stargate base on it with no defending starships and/or combat units and take that stargate base off and repace it with it's own.

Q: Can you move onto and take several star systems in one turn with one starship?

A: No, once you move onto and take a star system and/or replace an enemy stargate base with one of your own, that ship and/or combat unit must remain there until the next turn.

Q: In one movement phase can a ship stop at a star system to pick up combat units and then continue movement from that space?

A: Yes, that is allowed all in one movement phase. The ship does not have to wait until next turn to continue movement.

Stargate SG-1 Cards -

Q: Can cards be played at any time, during any of the phases, or are they to be played only in a specific phase. If so when?

A: Cards are only played during the movement phase with the exception of the Iris card which may be played anytime!

Q: When you use a card to stargate combat troops up to an enemy ship that contains no combat troops, the ship is taken over and converted. Does this occur in the combat phase or does it happen immediately (e.g. - the newly captured ship can then move and/or attack in the same turn)?

A: Immediately, so the captured ship can then move and/or attack in the same turn.

Q: The SG cards that allow you to destroy or place combat units on a ship that is on the same space as an enemy stargate. Can those be played out of turn or ONLY on your turn?

A: Only on your turn with the exception of the Iris card which is played when another is trying to gain access through your stargate.

Q: Can you play any and all your "Stargate Cards" during any one turn?

A: Yes!

Attack -

Q: If a ship with two troops is on a space with a friendly stargate and the ship is destroyed in combat can the combat units land on the stargate or are they gone with the ship?

A: If they are designated to be on the ship they are destroyed.

Q: When a ship enters an unclaimed star system and establishes a stargate, can the ship also make an attack on an adjacent ship or is its "attack' to establish the base?

A: No, it may go on to attack an adjacent ship.

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